Demand for land by builders is 2X the current supply. Annual preferred returns are 27%+.


Why should you invest in Land Development deals?

A time-sensitive opportunity

Why is land the best deal for investors right now?

If you keep up with the dynamics of the real estate market across the country, you know there is a staggering need for land right now as housing demand has far outstripped the supply of inventory.

This need will soften over the next 36-48 months as the market recalibrates to meet the demand, which represents a scalding hot opportunity for investors right now.

Currently, the there is a 2:1 demand to supply ratio for land, meaning there's twice as much demand for land as there is supply.

As a result, 40% of homes are in back log because there is not enough land available for building new homes.

This has driven a 20% YOY growth in planned communities.

At Red Oak Development, we invest in finding and purchasing land primarily in Texas and Arizona. We then develop it and sell builder-ready lots to home builders.

We currently have relationships with 35+ builders that are actively seeking lots to build new communities.

What does this mean for you?

Time Sensitive

You have a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to invest your capital with us and grow your investment 20-30% annually over the next three years.

The margins are fantastic – full returns typically realized at 24 months, but can range between 18 and 36 months depending on the deal.

To this end, we are open to capital investment from outside investors to raise money for land purchase and development.

Now is the time to strike.

More on the returns, what can you expect:

Land Deals returns offer a preferred annual return. Every year you get paid a preferred return on money, typically between 20-30%, annually

We offer our investors access to a team of resources to lean on for tax strategy, legal, and accounting.

We are dedicated to transparency, and you can expect quarterly updates on project and an open book policy to reach out to us at any time with questions.

About Red Oak

Red Oak works with the biggest builders in the nation to locate prime locations in and around the Austin, Texas area, acquires land, proceeds with obtaining all necessary permits, surveys and city approvals, develops the lots with full utilities and then sells the build ready lots to builders. Project size ranges from 50 to 800 lots. Currently managing over $36,000,000 in projects and expected to reach more than $100,000,000 in 2022.

Meet the Team below!

Tom Staub

CEO & Managing Member

Tom oversees the underwriting of projects, financial pro formas, debt and equity strategy, company growth, and is focused on viability of projects, partnerships and investor relations. Mr. Staub has more than 15 years of business experience, has owned and successfully operated four separate companies, and has been a sponsor on more than 140 deals.

Dan Ross

Director of Land Operations

Dan Ross comes from Exxonmobil where he was a Land Man responsible for dealing with the federal government, state and city governments to obtain the necessary permits, surveys and clearance to pursue a variety of oil and gas projects; arguably some of the most complex processes to get the necessary approvals in place to make things happen.

Rich Neagle

Superintendent, Texas

Rich, an award winning homebuilder, is the Superintendent on all deals in Texas and is the go-to guy for items related to MUD development, any vertical builds we do, management of subcontractors, inspections, quality control and a variety of other tasks related to the development of the projects in Texas

Eric Rubenstein

Superintendent, Arizona

Eric is the Superintendent on all deals in Arizona and soon to be part of our Tiny Home communities builds. He is the go-to guy for our resort builds, and all items related to the development of Arizona. He manages subcontractors, quality control, inspections and execution on the ground.

Brandon Hall

Tax Strategy & Advisory

We partner with Brandon Hall, CPA to plan our exits, tax strategies and do so to optimize our financial positions and protect against costly taxes.

Megan Ly

Project Management

Megan is the Project Manager across all things Red Oak. Megan has been on the team before Red Oak when the company was focused primarily on the private lending business and client relations. She is the lead in ensuring Red Oak is operating to key timelines and helps meet the gap where a gap exists.

Kevin Ware

Engineering and Feasibility

Kevin Ware, is the President at KJE Civil/Environmental Engineering and works closely with our Superintendent and Director of Land Operations to expedite the the project and ensure the teams are meeting all necessary requirements to execute on the project.

Kaylee Sutton

Director of Land Acquisitions

Kaylee is our Director of Land Acquisitions and a key player on the team as she seeks to find the most viable land options to ensure success and strong demand on the finished lots.